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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is an operation performed on your teeth, gums, jaw, or facial structures. Some dental surgeries are performed by a dentist. However, more complex surgeries or reconstructions may require a specialist, such as a maxillofacial surgeon or a periodontist.

Some common surgical procedures dentists perform include wisdom teeth removal, tooth extraction, and root canal therapy. A dentist can also assess oral health and provide referrals to surgery specialists.

If you experience a dental emergency or want to improve oral comfort, ask our team about how we can help. Visit Marks Dentistry for dental health checkups and guidance about oral surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, typically developed between ages 17–21. The name doesn’t come from a wisdom boost, but rather because they’re the last to emerge when you might be older and wiser.

Molars are the teeth that use the most force. We use them for chewing, grinding, and clenching. Before we could tenderize and soften our foods through cooking, having a third set of molars was likely a big help.

But today, some mouths can’t accommodate the third set, leading to impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth is blocked from breaking through the gum. Wisdom teeth can be blocked by the second set of molars or a lack of space in your mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain or discomfort in your jaw, gums, and surrounding teeth.

It’s also possible for a wisdom tooth to partially emerge. But, much like an iceberg, most of it remains below the surface. It can be challenging to clean and maintain a tooth when you can only reach some of it.

At Marks Dentistry, we use our technology and equipment to perform wisdom tooth extractions. After recovery from wisdom tooth removal, symptoms of discomfort or pain caused by impacted teeth can be alleviated.

Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth aren’t the only wise guys causing trouble. Sometimes a tooth can be infected, impacted, or injured, affecting the function of your bite and the appearance of your smile.

Some extractions are simple, where patients receive a local anesthetic to numb the area before removing the tooth. However, if the extraction is complicated, it may require a surgical approach. Patients undergoing complex extractions may require general anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia.

Dentists determine if an extraction is simple or surgical after an examination. For example, if the tooth is visible above the gum line, it is more likely a simple extraction.

Recovery after an extraction typically lasts a few days.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants replace missing or damaged teeth. The implant uses titanium as an artificial root and is inserted into the jawbone. Then, an artificial tooth is attached to the implant.

Dental implants can improve function and appearance. Marks Dentistry offers dental implant repair and customized crowns for dental attachments.

Root Canal Therapy

Roots are contained on the innermost layer of your tooth, protected by the harder outer layers, enamel and dentin. Roots are also surrounded by pulp, a jelly-like substance containing blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. When damage to the outer layers exposes the pulp, the inner tissues are susceptible to infection.

Root canal therapy involves removing your tooth’s injured, infected, or dead pulp. Then, the canal is cleaned, filled with soft dental pulp, and sealed. The artificial pulp protects the inner tooth, and the seal prevents new infection.

With root canal therapy, the tooth can be saved rather than extracted.

Surgery Support with Your Dental Care Team

Any surgery can feel intimidating, but we can help make the process easier. We’re here to protect your smile, and oral surgery is one option for improving function and appearance. Visit us for routine dental exams to stay informed about your dental health. If surgery is necessary, we’ll support you every step, from before surgery to aftercare.

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