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At-Home Teeth Whitening Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

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At-home teeth whitening vs. professional teeth whitening: which is better for your specific dental needs and goals?

At Marks Dentistry, we are dedicating today’s blog to your most frequently-asked questions regarding the differences between at-home teeth whitening vs. professional teeth whitening… and how our team can help you get the results you’re looking for.

First Things First: The Cause of Yellow Teeth… Even If Your Dental Hygiene is Up To Par

Are you struggling with yellow teeth even though your dental hygiene is up to par?

If so, you aren’t alone. Yellow teeth are common in children, adults, and seniors for a variety of reasons. 

Six of the most common causes of yellow teeth are:

  • Chronic teeth grinding, which can wear down the enamel and, in turn, discolour teeth
  • Smoking
  • Eating a diet rich in foods that are prone to staining, such as coffee, tea, curry, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and sodas
  • The thinning of the enamel, which happens naturally as we age
  • Genetic factors that emerge as we age; if you have a family history of yellow teeth, you are more likely to grapple with them yourself

The Differences Between At-Home Teeth Whitening and Professional Teeth Whitening

At-home teeth whitening vs. professional teeth whitening: the differences between the two options are vast.

Let’s start with at-home teeth whitening:

At-Home Teeth Whitening

While hailed as safe and convenient, at-home whitening treatments are, at best, ineffective. At worst, they can trigger gum and tooth sensitivity and create uneven colouration on the teeth.

At-home teeth whitening options come in the forms of:

  • Strips
  • Trays
  • Pens
  • All-natural topical alternatives

All of these options run the risk of being applied incorrectly and causing damage or discomfort to the tooth. In fact, activated charcoal, one of the most popular all-natural topical alternatives for teeth whitening, can negate the effects of birth control, cause constipation, and is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Another misconception surrounding at-home teeth whitening treatments are that they are inexpensive. On the contrary, sinking money into ineffective at-home teeth whitening treatments stacks up quickly compared to going in for professional teeth whitening once or twice a year!

Professional Teeth Whitening

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening is widely regarded as being a safe, effective, and long-term solution to yellow or otherwise discoloured teeth.

Aside from its quality, its other main differentiator from at-home teeth whitening is its ability to treat all levels of tooth discolouration. These encompass:

  • Extrinsic discolouration, which refers to a superficial yellow discolouration (typically across the entirety of the tooth) that is the result of the tooth being stained from the outside through food or drink
  • Intrinsic discolouration, which refers to localized spots of discolouration that have occurred due to inner causes such as an overexposure to fluoride, certain medications, or disease

Our Teeth Whitening Options Here at Marks Dentistry

We here at Marks Dentistry are proud to offer cosmetic teeth whitening options that are 100% safe, effective, and convenient.

During your consultation, you will be informed about how many appointments we anticipate it will take to get your smile to where you want it to be, how long each session will take, and, of course, how to take care of your smile so that your results last!

Contact us today to kickstart getting the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Written by Dr. Jonah Marks

Dr. Jonah Marks received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Schulich School of Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario. During his time at Schulich, Dr. Marks volunteered at Schulich’s Dental Outreach Community Services, providing pro bono dental treatment to underprivileged patients in London, Ontario. He currently provides pro bono work for LAMP Community Health Care Centre and the Alpha Omega Dental Volunteer Program. In addition, Dr. Marks travelled to Nicaragua where he provided dental care in underserved communities.

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