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Caring for Children’s Dental Health

Caring for kids’ dental health starts at home. Although we try to teach our children how to brush their teeth thoroughly, sometimes they forget or don’t brush as well as they could. Visiting the dentist ensures those hard-to-reach spots are cleaned and checked.

Pediatric dentistry approaches children’s dental care with patience and fun. We know some children want to avoid the dentist’s chair, but we’re here to make their experience as comfortable as possible.

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Your Child’s First Visit

Children begin to get their primary teeth (baby teeth) within their first 6 months. Once your child has a tooth, it’s time for dental care! Although tooth eruption can vary, the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends your child’s first visit should be within 6 months after their first tooth comes in or before their first birthday.

Your child’s first visit can help you learn about their dental health. You can find out if your at-home dental care is working, and it’s an opportunity to teach your child about the dentist. Fear of the dentist is common, but educating children early about dental care can make future visits easier.

What to Expect from Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is more than routine professional cleaning. We emphasize positive reinforcement and showing instead of telling. Our approach matches your child’s pace, taking breaks if they’re overwhelmed and explaining every step.

Some of the most common aims of pediatric dentistry are education, growth monitoring, and preventative dental care.


Educating children about dental care considers their at-home dental habits and their feelings about dental appointments. We aim to create a positive dental experience, but we also want kids to learn how to protect their dental health.

Using a show-and-tell method, we can demonstrate dental hygiene and explain it at their pace. As they age, we can introduce new topics and go further in-depth. Dentists can offer guidance to children and their parents about many dental health subjects, including cleaning teeth, nutrition, Halloween tips, and much more!

Understanding your child’s unique dental care needs includes tracking their development. Regular visits help us learn about their primary teeth (baby teeth), permanent teeth, gums, and jaw. We can anticipate dental issues and help parents with developmental milestones, including how to navigate pacifiers and thumb-sucking.

If dental issues are detected, we can intervene early to protect their oral health.

Preventative care is key at any age, but it begins when the first tooth erupts. More than 50% of kids have cavities in their primary teeth (baby teeth). Although baby teeth don’t follow kids into adulthood, good oral habits do.

Dental care for children can also prevent conditions capable of causing irreversible harm, such as gum disease, which can cause bone loss in teeth and the jaw.

Dental exams and cleanings reduce the risk of developing dental problems and help demonstrate healthy habits for your child. It’s also a chance to assess your child’s oral health and introduce oral treatments to prevent worsening symptoms.

Preventing Dental Anxiety & Phobia

Children sometimes develop a fear of the dentist. It may be because they worry about the unknown or are embarrassed about their teeth. Starting young can teach kids there’s nothing to fear.

Most kids experience increased anxiety about the dentist between ages 7 and 9, commonly as a reaction to developing cavities or dental problems. If your child develops anxiety or phobia about the dentist, we can offer laughing gas as an option to help them relax.

Talk to our team about your child’s concerns, and we can work with you (and your child) to make visits more comfortable.

Marks Dentistry’s Approach to Kids’ Dental Care

All ages deserve to feel confident about their smiles. We’re committed to helping children feel welcomed and safe during their dental appointments, so they continue good oral health into adulthood.

If you’re nervous about your child’s first visit, or any dental appointment, ask our team how we can help. Book an appointment with Marks Dentistry for your child’s next dental milestone.

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