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Dental Care for the Whole Tooth

Your teeth have layers, like onions. The layers of your teeth protect health and function. The deepest layer houses the roots, which feed nutrients to your teeth, encase sensitive nerves, and anchor your teeth in place. 

The outer layer protects the toots, but can be vulnerable to infection and damage. If the innermost layer becomes inflamed or infected, root canal therapy (root canals) can help save the tooth.

At Marks Dentistry, we’re committed to protecting your dental health and comfort, and a root canal is sometimes the best way to do that. Book an appointment today with our dental health team.

Tooth Layers

Your teeth are more than the hard outer layer you use to chew. There are several layers divided into distinct areas for the strength and care of your tooth. The main components of a tooth include:

The crown (top of the tooth), gumline, and enamel are outer layers. Although dentin is under the enamel, it’s still considered an outer layer and is visible through the translucent enamel. The pulp and roots are contained inside.

The Visible Tooth

You’re likely the most familiar with the outer layers of your tooth:

  • The crown performs the actions of chewing, grinding, or cutting food. 
  • The gums provide a seal against bacteria and help hold teeth in place.
  • Enamel protects the inner layers and maintains the structure of the tooth.
  • Dentin protects teeth from cold and heat. It also provides teeth colour.

Your gums and enamel surround your tooth to prevent bacteria or tooth decay from affecting the sensitive inner layers. In addition to your at-home dental care, routine dental exams and cleanings ensure these outer layers remain healthy.

Enamel is the strongest substance in our body, but it can be worn down over time. When conditions like cavities and gum disease deteriorate the outer layers, it can expose the more delicate inner layers.

Inside Your Tooth

The inner layers provide nutrients and sensations for your teeth. Roots contain nerves and connective tissues, which help anchor the tooth in place. The root canal is a space filled with dental pulp, which surrounds the roots.

Pulp is a jelly-like substance containing connective tissue, blood vessels, and cells. It creates and maintains dentin. When damage to the outer layers exposes the pulp, the inner tissues are susceptible to infection.

Root Canal Therapy

Most people have heard the term root canal treatment, but have the wrong impression. It’s a relatively painless procedure, similar to replacing a filling. It’s a procedure for saving a tooth when the innermost layer has experienced tooth decay or infection. The outer layers may still be strong enough to support normal function, but the inner layers may cause discomfort or risk worsening symptoms.

Root canal therapy involves removing your tooth’s injured, infected, or dead pulp. After the pulp is removed, the root canal and pulp cavity are cleaned, filled with artificial pulp, and sealed. The artificial pulp protects the inner tooth, and the seal prevents new infection. 

If damaged pulp tissue isn’t removed, it can continue to degrade the tooth and cause worsening symptoms, including: 

With root canal therapy, the tooth can be saved rather than extracted.

Root Canal Therapy with Marks Dentistry

Saving a tooth can make a significant difference in the comfort and the appearance of your smile. If you’re experiencing any discomfort, book an appointment for a dental exam. Preventing worsening symptoms is your best chance at keeping your smile strong.

Contact our team at Marks Dentistry to preserve your healthy teeth.

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