“Marks Dentistry, what is considered a dental emergency?”

It’s a great question and one we happen to receive frequently. Today, we will be detailing what constitutes a dental emergency… and what to do if one happens to you!

First, the Elephant in the Room: What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

First, let us get your burning question out of the way: a dental emergency is defined by the Canadian Dental Association as any mouth-related incident that requires immediate medical attention. 

Examples of dental emergencies include:

  • Broken teeth or broken crowns
  • A crown or tooth that has come out
  • Oral lacerations
  • Chronic toothaches
  • Loose fillings
  • Damaging debris caught in the teeth and/or gums

In addition, here are some questions we recommend asking yourself when posed with a potential dental emergency in order to diagnose its severity:

  1. Are you bleeding?
  2. Are you in moderate-to-severe pain?
  3. Have you lost a tooth?
  4. Are your teeth loose?
  5. Do you believe that you have an infection?

If you have answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, we recommend that you please recognize your situation as a dental emergency.

What Should You Do if You Have a Dental Emergency?

The first order of business when dealing with a dental emergency is to book your emergency appointment ASAP. 

Contact us today: we are here for our patients in and around Etobicoke and understand that dental emergencies don’t just happen within working hours. Our designated emergency dentist is located in Etobicoke on Brown’s Line; you are not required to be an existing patient or, depending on the nature of your dental emergency, are not required to phone to book your appointment. 

Once you have arrived at our office, the Marks Dentistry emergency dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and instruct you on the steps that will follow.

(Important: if you cannot reach Marks Dentistry during a dental emergency, we strongly advise that you go to the nearest ER as to not prolong receiving medical treatment.)

What Dental Services Are Commonly Provided in the Face of a Dental Emergency?

As detailed in full on our dedicated dental emergencies page, common services offered during an emergency include the following.

Pain Management

After an examination has occurred and any necessary X-rays have been taken, your dentist will implement a pain management plan tailored to your specific oral emergency.

Root Canal Therapy

A chronic toothache may be a sign that you are in need of a root canal. If an infection has indeed taken root, your dentist will conduct root canal therapy in order to quickly and effectively remove not only the cause of your infection, but the source of your discomfort!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Impacted wisdom teeth can not only trigger pain, but also cause teeth misalignment if left untreated. If your oral emergency pertains to impacted wisdom teeth, your dentist will assist you in wisdom teeth extraction to avoid overcrowding teeth and general oral pain.

Marks Dentistry: Here for You in Sickness and in Health

We value nothing more than being able to provide consistently high-quality dental services both in and around Etobicoke.

Whether it be the everyday chips and dental cleanings or full-fledged oral health emergencies, we are here for you. Our team of specialists is ready for your call.

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