If you are unhappy with the brightness of your teeth, you’re not alone: that’s why we here at Marks Dentistry offer professional teeth whitening in Etobicoke (including solutions that you can take home with you if you’re too busy for an in-office appointment!)

Today, we’re outlining why we offer teeth whitening services, how we offer them, and the take-home option we’d suggest for you if you’re on-the-go!

First: What is Professional Teeth Whitening? Why Is it A Popular Service?

Tooth discolouration is a common occurrence for people of any age. 

It comes in the forms of:

  • Extrinsic tooth discolouration: most commonly caused by tobacco, certain beverages (such as coffee and tea), and food, extrinsic tooth discolouration impacts the surface of the tooth
  • Intrinsic tooth discolouration: caused by certain medications, tooth decay, excess fluoride, or tooth injury, intrinsic tooth discolouration is located within the tooth and is resistant to at-home whitening products
  • Age-related tooth discolouration: as the enamel of a tooth wears away with age, discolouration can occur from a variety of extrinsic and intrinsic factors

Because tooth discolouration and yellowing is so common, it has become a popular service here at Marks Dentistry. Tooth discolouration frequently impacts self-esteem due to a smile’s prominence on one face, meaning that discoloured teeth are visible when speaking, eating, or drinking. However, professional teeth whitening services ensure that these concerns don’t have to be long-term!

How Does Marks Dentistry Offer Professional Teeth Whitening Services in Etobicoke?

We offer two forms of professional teeth whitening here in Etobicoke: in-office and via take-home whitening stock trays.

In-office: Here at Marks Dentistry, we strive to provide you the smile of your dreams. This comes in the form of both our whitening services and our veneers. Whether you are a new or recurring patient, we only offer carefully-curated, 100% individualized treatment plans to suit your goals and needs. Most teeth whitening sessions here at Marks are done in one single-hour session; however, follow-up appointments are always made available to ensure that your ideal teeth shade is achieved.

At home: If in-office appointments are not desired or cannot fit into your pre-existing schedule, we offer take-home teeth whitening stock trays to make it so that you can brighten your smile in your home, on your schedule. After phoning our team to schedule an appointment to receive your trays, you will come by our location to be briefed by one of our dentists on how to mix the whitening agent, how long to leave it on your teeth, and how rapidly you can expect to see results. While this method does take longer (an average of two weeks vs. one session), the trays are suited to all-sized jaws and are equally as effective as our in-person treatments. It really is that easy!

Reach Out Today to Start Your Teeth-Brightening Journey

Here at Marks Dentistry, we love nothing more than seeing you smile.

Reach out today to book your next COVID-safe appointment or give us a call to arrange the pickup of your very own professional, one-size-fits-all whitening stock trays. We can’t wait to lend you a hand!

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