If you’ve been noticing your teeth are yellowing and you find yourself hiding your smile, it’s time to consider the professional teeth whitening services that are conveniently available from our office with the help of our dedicated Etobicoke dentists. Don’t have time for an in-office whitening appointment? That’s okay too! We can provide our busy patients with an incredibly effective one-size-fits-all stock tray. No need to wait for a custom whitening tray to be made! You can be provided with an instant solution that delivers safe, long-lasting, high-quality results so you can get your smile back. 


Rely On The Marks Dentistry Team To Brighten Your Smile

If you’ve been looking for a trustworthy, safe and effective teeth whitening dentist in Etobicoke, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a new or recurring patient, we can help you achieve a new and improved smile. We want our patients to be 100% confident and happy with their teeth. This is why we offer professional in-office or take-home one-size-fits-all teeth whitening stock trays. Most dentists in Etobicoke use laser teeth whitening, but our office doesn’t. We provide quick, efficient and comfortable teeth whitening solutions for when our patients need it most. Most teeth whitening appointments last an hour and are done in a single visit; however, if you’re still not happy with the colour, we can schedule a follow-up appointment to help you achieve the results you desire.



How Take-Home Teeth Whitening Stock Trays Work

While our in-office teeth whitening procedure can be done quickly, many of our patients love the convenience of being able to brighten their smile in the comfort of their own home, especially if they have a busy schedule and don’t have time to make a whitening appointment or wait for custom whitening trays to be made. You’ll still need to phone us to book your appointment to receive your stock trays, but we’ll ensure it’s quick, we’ll walk you through how to mix the whitening agent correctly, as well as how long to leave the stock trays on your teeth, and that’s it! Teeth whitening can be just as effective at home as in our office; however, it may take a little bit longer (sometimes up to two weeks) before you start seeing the results you desire. The trays fit all sizes, so no need to worry about if it’s too small or too big. 



Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Etobicoke

If you’re not happy with the colour or appearance of your smile, contact Marks Dentistry today. Our dental clinic is proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services so patients in Etobicoke can smile with the utmost confidence. Our professional and dedicated dental team works diligently to make your dreams a reality through teeth whitening treatment (either in-office or by take-home teeth whitening stock trays), porcelain veneers, dental crowns and bridges, dental implants as well as comprehensive orthodontic treatment.


Our dental team cares more about just your teeth. We care about how you view your smile and we want to work together with you to make that view a positive one. Your teeth are one of the first things people will notice about you, so let’s make an unforgettable first impression with the help of our cosmetic services.



The Top-Trusted Dentist Etobicoke Has To Offer

Our dental team here at Marks Dentistry gives you the smile you’ve always dreamt of. Whether it’s with teeth whitening solutions, veneers or orthodontics, each of our patients receives a carefully crafted and individualized dental care plan dedicated to suit their particular wants and needs. Whether you’re a new or recurring patient, give us a call today to book a cosmetic appointment that’s most convenient for you and allow us to answer all of your questions.

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